Commercial Lighting Fixtures

The lights and fixtures that are used in any type of business like hotels, restaurants, retail shops, warehouses and office spaces are considered commercial lights. The outdoor lighting that is seen in your city, such as public street lamps, bridges and what surrounds government buildings, is typically considered commercial-grade lighting as well.

Commercial lighting fixtures come in all shapes, sizes and styles to match the aesthetic of various types of commercial properties.  Some fixtures are intended for specific purposes while others can be used in multiple areas across differing industries. Regardless of how and where they’re utilized, commercial applications must maintain the same high quality throughout the building.

We only carry light bulbs and fixtures from top-rated brands so that CLS customers always receive the best value. All fluorescent and commercial LED lighting fixtures have undergone testing and safety inspections to ensure all products offer full efficiency and fair pricing. Our manufacturers rigorously evaluate the characteristics of their lighting products and control devices, their energy efficiency, and conformity to access our target markets. Lighting manufacturers we sell also focus on developing more energy-efficient products, keeping and improving their photometric and colorimetric properties.

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Commercial Lighting Fixtures

Drop Ceiling Lighting

CLS drop ceiling commercial lighting products provide a modern look for any office environment. They also make commercial spaces brighter with evenly distributed illumination, resulting in visual lighting that delivers a balanced lighting effect and is more comfortable to the eye. Let us know your specific needs.

Exit & Emergency Lighting

Exit and Emergency lighting provides lighting for occupants to safely exit a building when the normal lighting has failed due to power loss. Each exit & emergency luminaire is fitted with a battery and is required to provide bright white light for at least 90 minutes post power failure.

UV Disinfecting Lights

Disinfecting lighting is used in a variety of applications, such as food, air, room & water purification. Our recent pandemic experience has popularized the use of UV hand-held lights, which are now used for disinfecting corona virus & bacteria on surfaces, including work stations, machines, tables, commercial and hospital facilities.

Surface Mounted Lighting

Surface mounted lighting fixtures sit on top of surfaces like the flat part of a ceiling and protrude away from the surface. Our light fixtures come in all shapes and sizes and are the ideal solution for exposed settings and where there is little space between the structural and dropdown ceilings.

Stairway Lighting

Interior or external, lighting in stairs is extremely important in terms of safety, as dark spots and shadows may cause safety risks. If the placement of the lighting fixture is well planned, the entire area can be illuminated effectively, requiring fewer lighting fixtures for most spaces.

Refrigeration Lighting

Refrigeration Lighting is utilized to illuminate areas used to store food, beverages or anything that needs to be kept in a cool dry place. Whether refitting retail facing grocery refrigeration or larger walk-in cooler units, upgrading your lighting with CLS’s premium commercial lighting supply is an easy install, most often taking just minutes.

Parking Lot & Street Lights

Our induction lamp LED lighting are preferred for streets & parking lots because of their lower energy requirements, good color, and durability. Although more expensive, LED light fixtures have longer lifespans, deliver targeted illumination and reduce light pollution.

Wrap Lighting Fixtures

Recognizable by their one-piece lens that wraps the fixture, wraparound lighting is most effective at diffusing light output. Surface mounted fixtures shine light from the sides and down for all around illumination, unlike recessed lights that only emit light straight downward.

Hospital Bed Lighting

These fixtures are ideal for both general illumination in rooms & more focused light toward the bed. Lights feature a varying number of lamps in both up-position for room illumination & down-position to light the bed. Wall mounted fixtures can be used in patient rooms, nursing & rehab facilities or in the home.

Suspended Lighting Fixtures

Suspended light fixtures include downlight pendants, uplight pendants and chandeliers that hang from ceilings by a rod, cord, or chain. For ambient or task lighting, CLS provides them in all sizes & shapes for different lighting levels in CFL, LED lighting, incandescent, and linear fluorescent tubes.

Wafer Lighting

The Wafer LED is an ultra-thin recessed downlight with a narrow remote driver box for applications with shallow ceiling plenum.This LED lighting allows quick and simple installations and can be installed from below in commercial applications with as little as a 2 inch plenum clearance.

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