Commercial Outdoor Lighting

LED lighting is quickly becoming the best solution for a wide variety of commercial outdoor lighting fixtures. The reasons are quite simple: LEDs are the most energy-efficient commercial lighting on the market, they have the longest lifespan, and product warranties that are 2-10 times over the nearest competing technology.

In addition, LED lights produce a much higher quality light with a wider range of color temperature and characteristics. They are small, solid-state lights (SSL) which means they don’t rely on electrical filaments, plasma (used in arc lamps such as fluorescent lamps), or gas. This means that LED’s don’t present the breaking or recycling issues common with legacy lighting technology. LED lights are not the least expensive technology on the market, but considering their longevity & minimal maintenance requirements, they present an exceptional value and are easily worth the investment.

Although the industry’s focus remains on LED light fixtures, CLS also continues our commitment to providing customers with replacement products, bulbs and accessories for their legacy installations. When they decide to make a transition to LED, we provide retrofit kits for accomplishing the upgrade to LED In the most cost-effective way available.

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Commercial Outdoor Lighting 

Outdoor Flood Lights

Flood lights are an effective way to  illuminate a myriad of outdoor environments to prevent unwanted entry and to ensure workers’ safety. Our commercial LED flood lights offer bright illumination for any outdoor area, & always from top manufacturers at great prices.

Outdoor Stairway Lighting

LED Stairway lights can be used for both indoor and outdoor areas, providing ambiance, security & safety for any environment. Our extensive range of fixtures are easy to install and maintain while offering extraordinary color uniformity and consistency for any application.

Decorative Commercial Outdoor Lighting

Our exterior decorative lighting fixtures are from the highest rated manufacturers & made to accentuate modern commercial buildings and residential architectural settings. Lights are vandal-resistant, commercial-grade LED lamps in rugged casings with tamper-resistant screws to withstand abuse and tampering in high-occupancy areas.

Street Lighting Fixtures

Our induction lamps, especially LED solutions are preferred for street lighting areas because of their lower energy requirements, good color, and durability. Although more expensive, LED fixtures have longer lifespans, deliver targeted illumination and reduced light pollution.

Dusk to Dawn Lighting

Designed to provide extra security, these lights are used in commercial businesses, to automatically provide light during evening and morning dark hours. Our products come in several mount options and styles to accommodate any of your outdoor requirements. 

LED Canopy Lighting

Canopy fixtures provide a more versatile type of security lighting  for outdoor environments. We offer canopy lights available in different sizes, shapes, and lumens from top manufacturers. These fixtures are capable of withstanding adverse conditions & easily upgrade-able for traditional HID and MH fixtures.

Wall Pack Lights

LED Wall Pack lights are designed to provide additional lighting to a range of outdoor areas. For security lighting, these fixtures can be placed on walls, above doors, and in other harder to light areas; providing ample illumination for any commercial and safety requirements.

Automated Sensor Lighting

Designed for higher durability in more difficult environments, automatic sensor and motion security lights are made for areas that don’t need continuous illumination. Controls enable you to create customized lighting solutions and light adjustments remotely in any area.

Signage Lighting

Outdoor sign lighting is designed to illuminate exterior signage in the most effective way that highlight the business brand. Commercial fixtures are usually arm-mounted with direct Commercial LED lights to draw attention to the sign. While Gooseneck Lights are most common, we can offer other types to fit your design requirements.

Landscape Lighting

Landscape and Exterior LED Accent Lighting provides efficiency, safety and uniform design lighting to any property. Our wide selection of Landscape Fixtures can be used to illuminate different features around houses, buildings, HOA and commercial common areas.

Parking Lot Lights

The brightest and most cost effective for businesses, LED parking lot lights provide bright illumination requiring the least in maintenance care and much longer bulb-life. We also have High Pressure Sodium (HPS), Metal Halide and Fluorescent replacements & special kits for LED upgrade.

Post Top Lights

Most often a slender architecturally designed fixture type, these fixtures provide an ample beam spread used in a range of spaces from hall or alleyways to distribution loading docks. CLS provides a wide selection of Post Top fixtures – well-designed solutions for adding supplemental lighting to areas that are more difficult to light.

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